Ill Gramr aka Tommy Gunn - Ill By Mouth EP [4 The Culture Records]

Ill Gramr is an emcee, graffiti writer and tattoo artist from Peterborough UK, having last previously released music back in 2009, with now legendary producer ChatOne, he’s back with plenty to say and the same devilish word play and mind bending flows.

After stepping back into the studio with producer and label owner Inos at the start of the year, they have created an instant classic, boom-bap Hip Hop as it should be! DJ MistaCrowe again features heavily with his insanely technical cuts and scratches and has appeared on all of Tommy’s previous releases.

Produced by Inos, mixed and mastered by Sarkastik Hound and released on 4 The Culture Records.

In a post apocalyptic world, where talentless mumble rappers have been allowed to thrive unchallenged, 4TC records introduces the last hope for the survival of real hiphop! Ill Gramr returns after an extended hiatus on a mission to bring back that classic hip hop sound!

In a baron landscape void of life, inhabited by shambling “mumblers”; brain-dead, talentless so-called “rappers”, those who can only be distinguished by a staggering low IQ, the inability to string a coherent sentence together and cups of lean, through the cacophony of mass hysteria and panic, a transmission has been discovered. Citizen T, our one hope and saviour, has a cure. Amidst the pandemic which has ravished our once glorious music scene is an antidote to the virus, one that can reverse the cause of idiocy that has infected and spread throughout the population; the 4TC Strain.

Ill Gramr will be your guide on this road to salvation. You need only heed his advice and follow him through the rising bodies of the mumble rappers, wading through the grills and cough syrup, multicoloured hair and men in mini skirts… Follow the boom bap beats and the lyrical flows as they shall see you restored once more.

Ill Gramr aka Tommy Gunn


4 The Culture Records

Track List:

1. Prelude (Produced by Inos)
2. ill By Mouth (Intro) Feat. MistaCrowe (Produced by Inos)
3. Tick Tock Feat. MistaCrowe (Produced by Inos)
4. Where I’m from (Produced by Inos)
5. RAW (Produced by Inos)
6. bonus track* Microphone Fiend Feat. Fire B (Produced by Inos and Sarkastik Hound)

Ill Gramr aka Tommy Gunn - Ill By Mouth EP [4 The Culture Records]

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