Ill Sykes and SheikhyGround - The Road Less Travelled EP

From the evocative spoken-word introduction of the title track, to the urgency and desperation of ‘Social Battery‘ to the dusty Boom Bap stylings of ‘The Great Unknown‘ and beyond, The Road Less Travelled ticks all the boxes.

It’s extremely rare for an EP to pack so much diversity into its run-time while simultaneously sticking with an underlying theme or narrative but ‘The Road Less Travelled’ manages to do this perfectly.

Ill Sykes is more than just your average emcee or singer / songwriter. He’s a diverse artist capable of evoking strong emotions with his content coupled with a style that solidifies his authenticity as he delivers thought-provoking  bars one minute then switching pace and delivering some soulful harmonies in the next breath.

Production is handled exclusively by SheikhyGround who brings a mixture of lo-fi Boom bap and laid-back, head-nodding atmospherics that set the pace of the EP and compliment the artist to perfection.

The Road Less Travelled is available now on all major streaming services and available to download from Bandcamp.

Ill Sykes


Track List:

  1. The Road Less Travelled 04:51
  2. MVP 03:15
  3. Social Battery 03:59
  4. Cocaine Tuesdays (featuring Mrs.Sykes) 02:30
  5. Want To Be 03:55
  6. The Great Unknown 04:12
Ill Sykes and SheikhyGround - The Road Less Travelled EP

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