Inja ft. SkinnyMan and Fallacy - Hat Low EP [In Records]

I always thought of Inja (or on myspace) as a pretty traditional MC but his 'Hat Low' EP put an end to that. This new track sees him, SkinnyMan and Fallacy go in over a well executed Grime style beat. Whether or not he's trying to cash in on the fact that Grime is a better-selling genre right now (just check any HMV), it can't be ignored that these three MCs actually really put it down on this.

I can't say I'm a fan, not even a Mr. Thing remix does it for me (it's still pretty grimey) although the Dubstep remix by Chimpo and BioViolence's Drum & Bass remix are pretty nice. Loads of people are gonna be feeling this one though and Inja will no doubt appeal to a different audience.

'Police Don't Like Me' and 'Deep Within' are again in the Grime vein with the latter vibing in a more mellow, melodic way. 'Hat Low' will be out on 20th July on In Records.

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