Insane Macbeth ft. Reveal - The Strongest Endz mp3 [Insane Recordings]

Insane Macbeth brings us his first collaboration with Reveal, once member of Poisonous Poets.

Without questioning it the first thing I asked when hearing The Strongest Endz, was how old is this track? I think the whole sound of this track reminds me of British Hip Hop from way back, good quality hip hop, some may disagree but it’s reminiscent of these days for sure.

Reveals makes sure you listen out for the clever wordplay but doesn’t drown you in twists and turns, managing to keep some humorous lines while still keeping the content relevant.

What you have to respect about Insane Macbeth, over his experience and previous link ups is his ability not to be pressured by the current popularity of hip hop, the pressure to add a dubstep beat or over produce a track to an inch of its life. Whereas Insane Macbeth seems to be comfortable doing what he does and does it well.

Insane Macbeth is the founder of Independent  label Insane Recordings, this is Revea’s and Insane Macbeth’s first collaboration and I don’t think the Hip Hop community will be discouraging another.

By: Ali Ferguson

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