I.Y.A.Z prod. J.R Rotem - Replay Mp3 [Time Is Money Entertainment]

Now people who have been following Sean Kingston since he started making music will know that he made Jamaican influenced hits like C.O.L.O.R.S with Rick Ross and The Game, which were very Hip-Hop based.

But since the hit Beautiful Girls came out, he’s been making music that will appeal to the Mainstream fans. I’m not mad at that, it makes sense to appeal to a wider audience therefore gain more fans and ultimately make much more money but what I don’t like is when an artist such as Kingston, switches his style.

He’s gone from being Hip-Hop based to a mainstream artist. There are many Hip-Hop artists that actually break into the mainstream and someone with the lyrical ability as Kingston should have tried to do that as he was a good Hip-Hop artist.

Anyway enough of my rambling and onto the track. The track has a very upbeat tempo and you can hear a little bit of Kingston’s Jamaican accent and flavour come through. The track has a kind of techno / electrical feel to it which is popular within the Hip-Hop community and many artists do start to use it.

Although there is no actually rhyming in the track, the way he sings is quite relaxed and flows well with the tune and beat. But, that’s going to be expected when a track is produced by, J.R. Rotem.

The beat and tune go together with Kingston’s relaxed voice and it does sound good. I have a feeling that this track is going to be a Summer banger! So, look out for this upbeat / uptempo track. Overall, I’d like to see Kingston return to rhyming but, this track does him justice, if you can rhyme and sing why not show it off right? So I’m no longer that old man who rants about everything wrong in the world today lol.

Track is nice, I’m feeling it.

By: Nikhil Sharma | http://hiphopinformant.blogspot.com

I.Y.A.Z - Replay

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