Jack Flash - 4 Minute Warning CD [Klinik Records]

Jack Flash has a new single taken from his acclaimed album ‘The Union Jack Album’. If you already have the album, don’t write off the single release yet. The original version of ‘Four Minute Warning’ is joined by its instrumental and two remixes.

You see, Jack probably remembers the day when a CD single came with a good number of remixes and versions as well as exclusive B sides. I certainly do and I welcome the return.

The album version, produced by Apa-Tight, was the chopped up mammoth of the album and Jack Flash’s own remix productions are perfect partners. ‘Three Minute Forty Warning’ opens with a balladic instrumental plus cuts but explodes into a medieval dragon. His ‘Don’t Stop Remix’ cuts up some classic soul making this track more Motown than Hudds Town.

Lyrically Jack is a beast. He won 2008’s End of the Weak, currently holds the title of World Champion and really does “write songs with the power of pylons”. If you doubt his diversity, just check non-album track ‘1am’ featuring crooner Thabo – he’s not all about the vicious raps.

‘Four Minute Warning’ is out on the 30th March on Klinik Records.

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