Jack Flash - Intoxicating CD [Klinik Records]

Last time I reviewed a track based on the same concept as 'Intoxicating' I slagged it off a fair bit for being uninnovative. For Huddersfield representative, Jack Flash, my words will be kinder. Nearly every one of these cleverly penned lines redeems this track from falling into the category named 'samey tracks describing drugs as women'.

So much thought has gone into these lyrics that it makes you wonder if this could actually be Jack's personal experience! Quoting him will demonstrate best: "And then he picked her up, I knew her rolled with her / But I also heard the rumour that he liked to hit her / Also heard he tried to quit cause the passion wore thin / So I was quick to light the fire and take it in… And when we was alone I took her out of clothes / Laid her in my sheets, she was naked and cold / I put my lips on her and then her face turned red / When we finished it felt amazing just laid on my bed". Those are just a few lines, the rest continues as such.

Further redeeming features are Jack's own production and the two other versions in the package. The first is the 'Extra Curricular Refix', a live version by the backing band Jack Flash tours (Extra Curricular) with and the second is the 'Acoustic Version' that does what it says on the tin. All three versions are nice and all three versions feature Thabo who lends some top quality R'n'B love song crooning.

As well as the verisons and the instrumental you also get the Apa-Tight produced stomper 'Step Back', a bonus track not featured on 'The Union Jack Album'. Jack battle raps his through this track with lines like, "Told you it was cold up North, It's below the nought / Watch how I turn a 'hot rapper' into a frozen corpse". Jack displays another side to his character from that portrayed on the lead track. Consider 'Step Back' a warning of what's to come!

'Intoxicating' featuring Thabo is out on October 6th and will be released on Klinik Records.

By: Aidan Severs | http://certifiedbanger.blogspot.com

Jack Flash - Intoxicating CD [Klinik Records]

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