Jai - On My Jais: The Prelude CD [Flygirl Productions]

Dopest female MC right now? Jai. Easy. It's been out for a little while now but Jai's On My Jais:The Prelude is a great release from a true wordsmith. 14 tracks of Jai all on her own is hardly necessary – one verse on one track is enough for her to prove herself. But, since she's so skilled you'll be thankful there are 14 tracks.

The beats are real Hip Hop proving that Jai is a real head – not some Grime upstart jumping on the latest craze. The lyrics are cleverly put together with plenty of sense-making multis. Her flow is immaculate, her voice is anything but annoying and her subject matter is varied enough to keep things interesting although this release would benefit from some more original concepts and topics.

As I said, On My Jais: The Prelude is already available and Suspect Packages have it in stock.

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