As a solo artist, the name Jalporte might not ring too many bells. He has had a free demo CD called “Dubstates” out, and was originally one of the four members of the “Deprogrammed” crew. For about the last five years Jalporte as been doing a great deal of live shows and now he is dropping his first full solo EP.

Jalporte is an MC from Derby who, now more focussed then ever before, begins a journey to create music combined with artwork that strives to be much more different than anything that has come before. Hip-Hop in an innovative form in which the visual impact is just as important as the sound.

Jalporte - Farewell Aquarius CD [Jalporte]
01. Red Pill
02. Feedback
03. Sunny Day ft. Alex Blood
04. Force You To Regret
05. Smile Remains
06. Open Mic ft. Deprogrammed

This six track debut EP from Jalporte entitled “Farewell  Aquarius” represents a small taster of what is to come in future projects. The EP itself gets off to a good start with Red Pill, which is apparently one of Jalporte’s personal favourites and is produced by Dave Rodgers who hooks up a nice loop and sets it off with drums to compliment. Jalporte breaks down why he has grown into the man he is today. He drops a variety of flows as he clearly spits revelations about society and equates his raps to having the same effect as the symbolic pills in the Matrix. Jalporte turns out be on the same vibe as most normal people you will meet and therefore his worries and uncertainties will chime with any listeners.

The CD continues with Feedback which is quite a change and is quite light hearted in production terms. Proper bouncy you’ll find it had to sit still when this is on.  The track really dedicated to UK Hip Hop Audiences who can be renowned for leaning against the wall and giving off no vibe. There are a few jabs at other acts who can’t rock a show, but the main call is for the crowds to get more involved, especially when tracks like this come on.

Sunny Day opens with the sound of Vera Lynn before Dave Rodgers flips the sample to create an organish backing and a fat mid tempo beat which is augmented with piano overlays.  The track focuses on different scenarios when the protagonists will take their well considered revenge and therefore you should think twice about crossing them. The track features Alex Blood who takes the middle verse and fills it with his contrastingly gruff tones. Force You To Regret switches the sound again for another club focussed track in terms of production which as with the majority of the tracks on here is put together by Alex Blood. The lyrics are about how Jalporte experienced both physical and mental bullying as a youth and how he learned to deal with it at first by blocking it out only later coming to terms with it.
Jalporte seems to have had periods of mental anguish and the penultimate track Smile Remains is about remaining focussed on your goals and staying positive. This is straight up Hip Hop and even features some live sax from Perry Jackson.


The CD is rounded off with Open Mic for which the Deprogrammed crew is re-formed. It sounds like a freestyle session where each MC grabs the mic and tries to outdo the former with more and more extravagant flows. The beat pattern is a bit skippy for me, but the individual sounds are well chosen, with great potential for the riff.

Overall this is a strong offering which is extremely engaging and displays a whole heap of talent in this crew. Check Jalporte’s website for further samples of the visuals and the sound.

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