Jay Malakhi - Home

Rapid-rising rapper and creative Jay Malakhi releases the new single Home – featuring fellow Paradise Highr collective artists Protagonist and Sym.

Blending the bouncing flow of UK rap with American hip-hop textures, the Kent native is a dynamic rare talent. Carving his own path on Home exploring themes of self-identity and mental health, Jay’s seamless mix of styles produces a breezy yet sleek single, brimming with nostalgic sonics and smart-whip jazz samples. Despite the elusive nature of just a handful of drops so far, Jay has built a significant reputation as one of the hottest emerging talents in the scene as his lo-fi edged tracks continue to impress with their compelling vulnerability and sleek style.

Speaking of the release Jay commented, “Home is my first track where I’ve felt vulnerable on it. The hook is about the stress of leaving university and the post-grad depression/anxiety that comes with it. It is a coming-of-age track, realising that after three years of lack of responsibility I ultimately have to return home, even though I really don’t want to. My verse discusses my return home, how I left certain relationships in uni, working night shifts and warehouse jobs to make money“.

With his previous visualiser Outside climbing in streams, as well as the introspective yet fun 99°, Jay continues to build hype on the back of his signature thoughtful lyrics matching a sharp talent to hit finely calibrated bars. In such a short space of time, he has made his presence felt in the music scene headlining his own show in Dalston, as well as major gigs, performing in Leicester and Peckham. Not to mention upcoming Festivals performances in his hometown in Kent.

An all-around multifaceted artist, his talents go further than music as he is a named cofounder of Paradise Highr – a burgeoning collective of Kent / London based talent that champions diverse, music focussed creators.

Dubbed ‘One to watch’ by industry tastemakers such as LINK UP TV and with a catalogue of unreleased singles set for release in 2022, keep your eyes on Jay Malakhi as he is set to trailblaze the precedence for a new era of UK rap.

Jay Malakhi

Jay Malakhi - Home

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