Jaycee Payaso - Everything 12" [Razeone]

Sermstyle‘s poppy / urban current production style suits Jaycee‘s R’n’B type singing and with the right push I can imagine Jaycee Payaso having a reasonable go at the pop charts. Apparently Cheryl Cole has already invited him to work with her so who knows?

Everything‘ is a typical smooshy love song about trying to be the best you can be in a relationship and in its own little way it’s quite catchy. Silvar provides a rapped verse and proves to be easier to take in a small dose and whilst his lyrics remain simplistic he does flip some nice flows.

The second track ‘My Girl’s Blessed‘ employs autotune and appears to be pretty hard (in an R’n’B-ish way) until the chorus – then unfortunately, it flops.

‘Everything’ is out on 23rd November on Razeone.

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