Jelluzz - Hold On CD [Big Deal]

Despite having a creased jumper on the cover Jelluzz is pretty smart musically. He and his producer have scooped up all the latest trends in the urban music scene and expertly pieced them together to create ‘Hold On’.

Double-time flows, screwed and auto-tuned vocals, flow fashion-esque adlibs and Timbaland-ish synthy production meld together to create ‘a fresh slice of urbtronica’, apparently. Whilst not my usual cup of tea, my reckoning is that Jelluzz would appeal to a fair few people out there, especially the ladies and the radio listeners. This track would also sound pretty awesome in a club environment and could probably stand up to a lot of the R’n’B tracks out there at the moment.

It’s the overall sound of this song that makes it what it is; the lyrics are not so much of an integral part of it. They’re kinda sung and definitely on a positive, head up high tip but the theme barely matters, they contribute to the finished product well.

To be honest, it’s the beat that makes this track and that’s fine. Jelluzz has an ear for what’s marketable and that’s a big skill to have; this track aint half bad.

‘Hold On’ is released on 22nd December on Big Deal. Visit Jelluzz on myspace by adding /jelluzzmusic to the usual url.

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Jelluzz - Hold On CD [Big Deal]

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