John Blu - In Love Wit Yo Booty MP3 [Jive Records / AAU Productions]

Before realising that this song is literally amazing, my reaction was ‘Oh Kanye, what have you created!?’

Technology lesson:

The vocoder (voice coder) was invented by Homer Dudley in the 1930s. The original device, designed to save telephone circuit bandwidth, compressed the voice into code signals which were then decompressed at the other end, so they’d come out normal. The machine first came to prominence in pop culture through the score to ‘A Clockwork Orange’ by composer Wendy Carlos, who notably used it to manipulate the sound of Beethoven’s 9th. It is now used on most (if not all) new R ‘n’ B music.

If you’re still not sure what this thing is, think of Kraftwerk. If that doesn’t help think of Cher (but not for too long – you’ll have nightmares), or failing that you could just have a conversation with Kanye West, who had one installed in his throat for the album 808s and Heartbreak.

Reading about the machine, I couldn’t help but wonder what Homer Dudley would’ve thought to know that, in part, he helped create the joy that is ‘In Love Wit Yo Booty’.

This song answers the age-old question – if you can fall madly in love with someone just because of the beauty of their eyes, or their smile, why can’t you do the same with other parts of the body?

You can. And who among us has never thought ‘don’t turn around, I’m in love with your back, but if you gotta turn around, I hope your face match’?

I know I have.

As a recent addition to Jive records, Blu’s in appropriate company with the likes of Usher, R Kelly and Chris Brown. Jive have re-released the song, and it’s not surprising. Its cult following has produced countless fan-made youtube videos, and I suggest watching Chris G popping, though I get the feeling John Blu would prefer Angelica Carrera ‘getting it’ to his song (not quite as graphic as the term suggests).

The official video sees John in a spoof reality TV show, taking his pick from a group of bootylicious babes, and at one point literally ‘conversating’ with their asses to the pick of the lyrics:

Momma got ass for days
and she got a daughter about half her age
I conversate with her from the rear
her booty talking shit I want to hear

so I’m a have to lend it my ear for a second…

Unlike Kanye, the self-proclaimed ‘R ‘n’ B Bully’ – here to pick on the game until he gets what he wants – has an excellent singing voice, though it takes a while to unearth evidence of it from his Myspace.

Self-produced, technologically fashionable, philosophically adept, and now backed by a major wing of Sony music – this song is a hit. I hope Homer Dudley would be proud.

It’s also well worth checking out the video to ‘nicknames’, particularly if you want to see a woman in a bath full of Reese’s Pieces having them fed to her, and hear the lyric ‘you couldn’t afford the car so your momma called you Lexus’.

All-round win for Mr John Blu.

It is now one of my life ambitions to have sex to this song. Make of it what you will…

Self-titled album John Blu is coming soon…

By: John Paul Simpson

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