Jonski - Concrete Jungles mp3 [History Maker]

When outside observers think of Hip Hop, they tend to think of thugged out posers, so aggressive and in your face that it ends out intimidating and fake; or battle rappers, who, although superbly creative, are so intent on destroying the opponent that negativity reigns; or the abstract poets, imagination second to none, but so out there that only they ever know what theyre rapping about. There is a definite lack of social consciousness and, at the end of the day, just some good positive creativity.

One man on a mission to fill that void is up and coming lyricist Jonski. Concrete Jungles, his debut release, is a stamp that he is here and here to stay. With Danny Spice of Carry On Going Productions providing first class production from the word go, Jonski creates chemistry, rhyming immaculately bar after bar and track after track, resulting in this being a future landmark not to be skipped past on the shelf, and Jonski an MC not to be easily forgotten.

A breath of fresh air is the fact that, unlike most MCs and their releases, Jonski and his offering do not reek of ego. Jonski prides himself on just being a regular dude, enjoying life and hip hop, and wanting us to enjoy it with him, proven by tracks Celebrate and Movement. Don't be mistaken though, Concrete Jungles is by no means soft or fluffy; on Organic Jonski attacks the circus act ring tone rappers who are killing our music, whilst on Poorly Rich and Hall Of Mirrors, he addresses deeper social and political issues that many of his counterparts shy away from.

Jonski is, without a doubt, a thinker; on title cut Concrete Jungles, he shares observations and thoughts on day to day life and how we live it. And if final track, Goodbye, doesnt leave you re-evaluating things, then who knows what will.

The nowadays rare variation of subject matter, red hot production and Jonski's poetic flow create a rock solid release that is due to be on repeat in many a club, crib, car and i-pod.

Release Date: 30th August 2010

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