Justina - Go F**k Yaself 12

With a title like Go F**k Yaself you could easily guess that Justina is not a sweet, squeaky clean innocent pop princess or that she is out to follow the mainstream. Ironically however this foul-mouthed female anthem is one of the most commercial singles I have reviewed in ages and could make Justina a house hold name.

The single is instantly catchy from the cheeky intro to the stripped down beat and rock pop backing including guitar solo. The production leaves space for Justina’s sexy slightly strained vocal which tells a tale of relationships gone wrong on a grand scale. New York native Justina’s style, lyrics and attitude evokes artists such as Princess Superstar, Lady Gaga and Peaches from the half sung half raped vocal to the overt swearing right down to the minimal production.

None of this is a bad thing however and it is easy to see Justina catching the minds and ears of thousands of women with this song much like Kelis’s debut single Caught Out There and hopefully with the same popularity propelling effect.

And as long as she doesn’t write a song about me I’m behind her all the way!

By: Alex Humphrey


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