JVF Clique - Streets and Politics EP [Clique Recordings]

JVF Clique have been a common feature on British Hip Hop for the best part of a decade. Their hard-hitting Submerged Language mixtape was covered here back in 2006. They were a collective for 14 years and two EPs before that.

Streets and Politics marks the return of the crew and a return to form, bringing more of that gritty street sound we’ve come to expect over the years. Kicking off with ‘Old Detroit’, a tale of hustle and the struggle to survive, the EP proceeds to race through four tracks of street commentary, real-life politics, government cover ups of child abuse and tales of day-to-day existence in an increasingly Big Brother engulfed society.

JVF Clique has consciously steered away from hip-hop cliches in favour of reality rap and this shines through in the production of the EP, with tight beats, ranging from the dirty vibe of Old Detroit and Economics of the Street to the more melodic Prism, providing the ideal foundation for hard rhymes and tight flows.

It’s been a constant theme throughout their career and Streets and Politics is no different: when Hinkley’s finest have something to say, you better sit up and pay attention.

By: Gareth Hancock

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