K-Saulz and Mr Substance - Train of Thought EP, Vol 2

Following on from the 2020 release of their Train of Thought EP Vol 1 which dropped on Bard Picasso Records, K-Saulz and Mr Substance return with the follow up, Train Of Thought EP Vol 2. This release is the second in a planned trilogy by the duo.

The Duo, who both make their home in South Wales UK, have a sound that ranges from that 90’s Boom Bap sound to deeper, atmospheric soundscapes. K-Saulz brings his conscious poetic and sometimes abstract verbal style to the table, whilst Mr Substance brings a sound heavily influenced by Jazz and Big Bands.

The Train of Thought EP Vol. 2 sees the duo drop seven tracks for your enjoyment: Train of Thought EP Vol 2 is an incredible journey of intricate lyricism, witty punchlines, well-constructed wordplay, with a ticket available for everyone. Train Of Thought Pt 2 (first track) introduces the listener to the EP and some of those who might be taking a seat on the train.

Mr Substance brings his Jazzy, Big Band influences channelled through his MPC Live and put to exquisite use, fuelling the train with plenty of horns, jazz pianos and slapping drums which create the perfect soundscape for each destination of the journey. The vibe is very much upbeat but, in a chilled style carrying the listener from track to track in seamless style. K-Saulz varies his vocals from abstract to poetic with aplomb allowing you to form descriptive and intricate pictures in your mind, switching between flows just as a train might vary its speed on approach to the numerous platforms it visits on its route.

Risk1 features DJ cuts on several tracks from the EP which stamps the goose bump inducing scratches, akin to the golden era of Hip Hop!

So, if you don’t have your ticket for this one yet then grab one before they are all gone. Train Of Thought EP Vol. 2 from K-Saulz and Mr Substance is out Now on Bard Picasso Records.

Keep watch for the exclusive video for Got Milk dropping on 07/05/2022.

Words by: Steve Rider (Infinite Sounds UK)


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K-Saulz and Mr Substance - Train of Thought EP, Vol 2

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