Kao - Liability Jones: The EP

Liability Jones: The EP is the brand-new release from the stylin, profilin, West London rhymin’, mack with the mouth –KAO that’s guaranteed to appeal to fans of both new and old Hip Hop over the eight sizzling tracks.

The EP’s monstrous production is handled by a who’s who of the UK scene with DJ Kuku, Sumgii the legendary Beat Butcha and American producer Kil bringing their A-game with unprecedented levels of style and finesse which matches KAO’s vocal and lyrical talent perfectly.

Consistently proving he is a force to be reckoned with inside the UK Hip Hop scene, KAO manages to present his bars in a precise, methodical fashion as well as showcasing fantastic chemistry and versatility as the EP features UK veteran Verb T and up-and-coming wordsmith, Cactus Corino (his latest single ‘Ridiculous‘ featured KAO on guest duties) covering all bases and bridging the gap between old and new…

After the success of the singles ‘The Nice Guy‘, ‘Wolf‘ and ‘Nice With The Flow‘, Liability Jones: The EP is set for release July 1st via PlayaWILL Records and can be purchased / streamed below.

Lyrics: KAO, Verb T and Cactus Corino
Production: DJ Kuku, Kil, Sumgii and Beat Butcha
Mastering: DJ Harry Love, Sumgii and Jose Carretas
Executive Producers: DJ Kuku and Titan

‘KAO ticks all the boxes for what a successful emcee should be: Charismatic, Humorous, Intelligent, Confident and most importantly of all, Dope. He’s probably the best rapper you’ve never heard of…. Until now.’

Kao - Liability Jones: The EP

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