Khia - What They Do, Jaguar Skills Remix CD [Big Cat Records / Tommy Boy]

Having just released her third album entitled, Nasti Muzik via Big Cat Records / Tommy Boy, Khia is proving her continued skills and desire in the game. Now she has had her soon to be released first single from the LP set to drop. The original version of What They Do features Gucci Mane, but it has also been re-touched by the UK's own Jaguar Skills.

When Jaguar Skills took to Khia’s single "What They Do", he subbed out the stomps and claps for an up-tempo electronic feel, complete with cuts and scratches, for a different kind of club. Jaguar Skills, known for last year’s Hip Hop Odyssey mixtape, spins hip-hop in the UK and mixes regularly for the BBC. A healthy complement to the original, the new beats show the versatility of Khia and Gucci Mane’s vocals on the track.

For those unfamiliar with the album version, the song details what happens when good girls get bad from too much liquor and "mix their 'Goose with Absolut / then they turn to prostitutes". Released last month, the original version of the single features production from Khia and it has fed the buzz around her upcoming release Nasti Muzik. Nasti Muzik was produced by Khia, Marlon "Big Cat" Rowe and Melvin "Birdman" Breeden. The album will be released on July 22nd, 2008.

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