Kinetic who was born Courtney Castello hails from Stoke Newington in North London and has so far had some plaudits. He has seen Stokie change radically and uses these experiences to good use in his lyrics.

Kinetic has spent time working as a music journalist for various magazines, but all along he has kept busy writing & developing his music. Kinetic manages to mix up Hip Hop flavas with Bhangra as well as other influences including Latin and Dancehall vibes. All this comes together to create a diverse mix of sounds, which forms the backing to his emotionally charged lyrical style.

Now Kinetic is dropping his double A-Side vinyl release to be followed by his debut album ‘Full Steam Ahead’ later this year. The first track is London Tonight, which is a narrative about the London clubbing scene in which the aforementioned musical styles all get a look in. This track is said to represent the melting pot of different cultures found in and around the capital’s nightlife scene. A bit of a mid tempo bubbler it is good to move to, but it does seem that not all of the elements hang together totally making for a track of disparate elements. The strings and chorus take a downbeat edge which lets the track down. Regardless anyone going out in London will recognise what he is talking about.

The other track However, is again a dancefloor based track which takes things more up tempo. The production is a bit clean and synthy for me, but Kinetic proves he is well able to spit over a faster beat and lifts the track. The lyrics are a celebration of individual dance styles addressed to an up-tempo electro backing track. "From the Bogle to the Butterfly to the Drive By, you can tell me I’m Elvis when I start to Jive" This track with its humorous lyrics, and brain deadingly catchy groove is likely to ensure some action on the dance-floor.

Kinetic has proved himself to have all round ability having produced this entire offering on his own.

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