K.O. And OD Hunte - Back To The Hip Hop EP [Southern Cuba]

Back To The Hip Hop’ is a 4 track EP by K.O. and OD Hunte. Of the 4 tracks only one is bad; unfortunately, it’s the lead track and mission statement ‘Blow Up’ which is supposed to be a ‘commercial pop hip hop collaborative effort’. It is just that, with ‘effort’ being the operative word – when something tries to be heavy-hitting and fails it ends up even worse than a track made without that aim.

Thankfully things improve with ‘The Art’ – probably the best track on here. It’s a frenzied mish-mash of old school hip hop sounds topped off with some nice throwback style lyrics from K.O. ‘Be Like This’ is in a similar vein but is led by a nice brass riff that breaks down into thumping percussive beat. These are the two stand out tracks here where they do bring it ‘Back to the Hip Hop’.

I Gotta Go’ is built on a persistent, almost ethnic sounding, electronic bass line and riff with mounting organ chords and an auto-tuned chorus. It’s actually pretty catchy and original sounding although the lyrics are a little tiresome.

This is a nice little showcase of OD’s talent and the fact that not all the tracks appealed to me is probably in his favour – someone who likes other stuff will like them. K.O. has a little more to learn writing-wise but his delivery, flow and style is very on point. A good release.

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K.O. And OD Hunte - Back To The Hip Hop EP [Southern Cuba]

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