Kulez - Smell The Tea CD [White]

Kulez is full of. Well. Kulez. He has a definite ability to inject his individuality and ideology into his rapping, in a very British way. Like many young heads, Kulez sneaked ito clubs with fake I.D., but he made something of his endevours. By holding on to the Battle Norwich title and the continuing to fry some MCs in the battle scene as a champion of jumpoff.tv, plus he recently came top 3 in London's World Rap Championships.

Winning the UK S.J. qualifiers made him the first ever rapper from England to follow in Eminem’s footsteps and compete in Scribble Jam when he was only 16. Kulez has also proved himself as a recording MC with his tracks and freestyles favourited on some of the UK' top hip hop radio show including Kiss FM, 1Xtra, HHB Radio, MTV Base and Channel U. He is an active member of the hip hop scene, and he's here to prove more than this track does.

I can understand why he chose this track as a single. It’s catchy, simple and slightly droll. But it is below his abilities, intellect and means in many ways. Lyrically, it comes off as typically masculine, facile and almost grating. It’s a break up song. Yes. Another. But there is no love. No RnB crossover. And certainly no apologies. And do you know what? That’s something I think we should really appreciate. Because for once someone is actually admitting that very few of us having these amazingly stable relationships and break ups. But also how very few of us actually give a crap. To put it bluntly. He’s slating the girl, yet he’s giving reasons as to why her actions have called for it and how they just aren’t compatible, rather than just laying into because he is a rapper and has a ‘smack your hoe’ mindset.

Despite being far from nice, Kulez actually comes across as quite an appealing fellow. And I would urge you to check out some of his other tracks, which, lyrically have a more diverse theme, but still remain unguarded and direct. Something which is probably Kulez’s top trait as an artist. The production on this track is proper sweet. The two levelled drum beat combined with some fresh string action and what sounds like a James Brown vocal sample. The really quality thing about the track is that the vocals and music fit but they flow in different patterns rather than leaning on one another. It makes for a better listen, it gives the vocals more meat, and shows us how Kulez is more than willing to create some verbal rhythm of his own. This makes it incredibly catchy. The lyrics take two minutes to stick. And you have them on replay in your head for a few days after one or two listens alone. It’ll take some open mindedness of your own and a bit of patience to appreciate it fully. Although I wouldn’t say it’s a completely two sided ‘love it or hate it’ track, some hip hop heads probably won’t give it a chance to try either.

Smell The Tea is produced by Nutty P.

By: Nino


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