Labba - So Good mp3 [LabbaMusic]

Sounds good at the start, but the chorus lets it down, but then Labba starts rhyming and wow! Track is amazing! It's something new in the sense that the beat is very different and the whole tune is unconventional and, then when the trumpet is introduced at 1.52 it just sets the track to other heights!

The track's got a good solid beat and I think it's going to be a definite club banger!

Labba, comes correct with his rhyming and I like the way it sounds. He may not be to everyone's liking I admit as it is something different to what many people are used to hearing, but the track is good and does justice to an artist who's not very well known at the moment.

The chorus could use some work though and, the style does become repetitive but it sill sounds good really good!

You can tell he's enjoying doing this track, and the break before the trumpet comes in just shows that its not a serious track and will definitely get you on your feet!

Overall I’d give this track a 7/10 as it's a good song, Labba's lyricism is good and his rhyming style slow, calm, collected and fun but the track can get a bit repetitive and when that happens it's a bit annoying, but overall I like this track and am excited about what the Brooklyn native has to offer in the future!

By: Nikhil Sharma |

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