LDZ - The London Zoo EP [Dented]

LDZ have been around for donkey’s… They flew the nest when they were only young pups and before growing fur, they quickly learned to evolve and adapt with the constantly changing environment. Not to be mistaken for scavenger’s, these territorial creatures stay true to they’re own like a pride of Lions.

Hunters by nature, you will never find them associating with snakes or pigs. They move like jelly-fish. They act like monkeys. They f@ck like rabbits. Welcome to the wonderful world of London's Zoo.

LDZ also known as London Zoo are one of the most diverse, prolific and versatile Hip Hop outfits to emerge from the UK. Consisting of MC’s Dabbla (aka Puppa Murc), Cobes, Rocksta (aka Harry The Bastard) .Producer's Sumgii & Pierre Green & DJ Frosty.

Their first release, a dubstep track, was played by the late John Peel on BBC Radio One. Since then, Ldz have worked with Chase & Status, Dubbledge, Foreign Beggars, and many more. LDZ’s first official mixtape ‘Living Long Ting' has given these lads from North / North West London a strong foothold in the music game and gained them a reputation for their distinctive, energetic performances. Their first official video 'Lips 2 Da Floor' ft Dubbledge has had over 750,000 views on YouTube and received regular plays on mainstream and underground radio shows from BBC Radio 1 to Rinse FM.

The energy and vibe they created soon got them a reputation for their musical diversity, from Breaks, HipHop to Dubstep to Broken Beats they were soon hosting rooms at One Nation, Herbal and Sankey’s suppoting acts such as Rahzel, Scratch Perverts, Adam F, Rodney P & Skitz, The Beatnuts and many more.

Returning with this frankly sordid, jutteringly banging extended E.P shows an elevated style that has not lost one iota of their filth. Opening with the anthemic ‘Everybody Does It’, chucking out lyrics so close to the bone you might have to wear body armour. Backed with incredible production that will shake any club it’s dropped in.

I’m A Dick’ is a reggae infused confessional, with the lads not being afraid to show how bastardly they can get. The dubstep remix included takes this smasher to the next level. The mischievous ‘Movie Star’ is an uptempo jaunt through the lambasting of a stuck up celebrity.

This is some straight up lager lout music for the kids to fight to. A ridiculously fresh, diverse E.P that leads LDZ in to the higher echelons of gritty, boundary pushing music in the UK.

LDZ - The London Zoo

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