Representing real hip hop since 1999, Jehst’s YNR Productions imprint continues to set standards with yet again another certified banger, brought to you by none other then the beat-driven vinyl junkie Lenny Greenberg, aka LG. The production guru behind countless classics from the likes of Micall Parknsun, Yungun, Terra Firma and Sir Smurf Lil’ to name but a few, as well as last year’s critically acclaimed ‘Smoke Rings’ album with Biscuit, LG returns with the latest addition to his already packed back-catalogue.

The Mission’ features the dynamic duo of Jehst and Micall Parknsun tag-teaming LG’s heavyweight production to the proverbial canvas. Both MCs demonstrate their lyrical diversity as they spray-paint poetic bars over a haunting head-nod odyssey of a rhythm track, which slowly draws the listener into a cinematic trance. Neck-jerking, ‘boom-bap’ beats, sprinkled with a generous helping of ghostly flute licks from long-time collaborator Biscuit, are the order of the day as ‘the abstract Akai professional’ further solidifies his reputation for atmospheric funk.

A. Jehst & Micall Parknsun ‘The Mission’
Dirty / Clean / Instrumental

AA. Kashmere ‘What Would Happened’
Dirty / Clean / Instrumental

On the B-side – ‘What Would Happen?’ – underground legend Kashmere The Iguana Man takes us on a cosmic journey through time and space, under the influence of a rare and wonderful substance. Kashmere’s vivid imagination never seems to disappoint as he spins a psychedelic yarn over LG’s bass-heavy backdrop of booming kicks, crisp snares and twisted loops. Sky-high production provides the perfect platform for Kashmere to showcase his iconic rhyme-style and prove once again why he holds cult-status as one of the most charismatic rappers to ever bless the mic! Blunted beats? No doubt! Imagine a hip hop version of Cheech & Chong fresh back from an alien abduction and you’re halfway there!!

LG is currently in the studio working on production for forthcoming albums by Dubbledge, Jehst, Micall Parknsun, Conspicuous The Coroner and Sir Smurf Lil‘ aswell as his own ‘Foghorn Leghorn’ mixtape. Stepping in as Jehst’s new tour DJ, LG will be promoting this release across the UK over the coming months alongside Micall Parknsun. You’ve been warned!

Release Date: November 26th 2007

LG aka Lenny Greenberg

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