Lingua Franca - The EP EP [Breakin Bread]

Now for something a little different: What no rap? No, but Ghost, the producer behind Lingua Franca has paid his dues in UK Hip Hop so ‘The EP’ deserves a review.

With a hat tipped to DJ Shadow ‘Falling Back To Her’ kicks off this three track sample of what’s to come (album ‘Things Don’t Stay The Same’). Pint size vocalist Devorah, sounding not unlike Massive Attacks Shara Nelson circa ‘Blue Lines’ adds another edge to the terse but soulful production.

Feels So Good’ is my pick of the pops – I can’t resist funky drums, funky guitars or indeed, funky basses. Oh, or funky brass. This song is the reason why Ghost formed a full band in order to take their music on the road. A live performance is sure to be an uplifting experience.

Treat Tonight’ finishes off this taster jazzily – their bow has multiple strings. Despite the laid back instrumentation Ghost displays hip hop tendencies and laces a thumping drum track complete with snappy snares.

‘Things Don’t Stay The Same’ will be sure to keep you toasty sometime this winter when it’s released but to warm yourself up as of 27th October get to the Breakin Bread shop and purchase ‘The EP’.

By: Aidan Severs |

Lingua Franca - The EP EP [Breakin Bread]

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