Lords Of The Underground - I Love Hip Hop 12

The Lords Of The Underground are back. Well known for their early work Funky Child and Chief Rocka they are bouncing back with I Love Hip Hop which is a steamer of a track. A simple and somewhat un-groovesome beat is splattered with samples which all fit together well.

Pianos, throbbig bass and strings make for a classic slowish tempo track over which Mr. Funke and DoItAll Dupré both get busy doing the brag thing, but also demonstrate their love of the artform whilst they mention some of the things thqt they feel is great about the artform.

The single is backed with The Clinic which comes like a tutorial in how to make Hip Hop. A minimalist track with a flute and metallic sounding drums as well as a superb bass stab creates something to please your auditory canals. There is also a remix of this by DanjahOne.

This group may hark back a long way, but they have lost nothing and sound as fresh as ever. Make sure you do the knowledge and peep this asap.

Lords Of The Underground and Funk Master Flex

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