If honesty still has a place in the patriarchy of hip hop. I’m sick to death of tracks like this. Most intelligent women don’t actually find them sweet. While I was waiting for L.Star and Tweeti to come back with something a bit more inspiring and original, it appears these two still haven’t grown up and probably never will.

When it comes to lyrics and themes. I’m not remotely impressed. “Am I just wasting my time on her?” “I need a new hobby since I stopped running… and if I like girls body and face, I’m like how about we go jam at my place.”

This kind of juvenility throws the bar into the Underground for a new generation of disrespectful, ignorant ‘badman’ kiddies. Apparently these guys still have no idea what hip hop is about. Or maybe I’m the one who should quit the game.

Whatever the lyrical content. The music itself is more than good. In fact, how about some masking tape and instrumentals next time? Plus Kevin Mark Trial of The Streets’ stunning vocals. With I’m Doin It, again the production is minting. Actually, the track itself is much better. I especially like the playing around with the vocals at the start. The MCing itself also kicks off pretty well. And the idea of ‘Doin It’ is a supposedly inspirational one. What? I would like to ask the lads though, is it you claim to be doing? Impressing your mates and getting votes on Channel U? Good for you, but I’d rather take my inspiration from Bashy, Invizible Circle and Skinnyman, who are actually ‘Doin it’.

The She Looks Good E.P. is released 8th December through iTunes, HMV, Zavvi, Nokia Music Store and… you get the picture. You’ll no doubt see the video on You Tube, hear the track on the radio and buy it. Even though you agree with me, you couldn’t care less.

By: Nino

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