UK-born and bred (residing just north of London in Luton) emerging rap artist, lyricist, and producer ‘Lucius∴‘ is set on breaking through into the current and flourishing UK underground rap scene with his debut cut – ‘Work‘.

Not confined by a particular genre of instrumentals or beats, ‘Lucius∴’ is eager to show the scene his originality and versatility through his skills in song writing, lyricism, vocal delivery, and bar-for-bar flows as well as his beat production and audio engineering skills – as he boasts it all by creating, performing, writing and mixing everything himself right from his bedroom.

2021 marks only the beginning, as he is determined that his initial release will pave the way for an illustrious career as not only a rapper but a renowned musician in the UK and beyond.

‘Work’ is an upbeat, energetic UK Rap and Hip-Hop track, with a punchy backbeat, simple yet catchy melodic instrumentation paired with a fiery and expressive vocal executed with a strong flow and powerful cadence. An all-around original UK Rap hit.

Lucius - Work

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