Lyrical Flamez / B-girl Schizo - Lets Go mp3 [White]

'Lets Go' is the breaker tour de force straight from B-girl Shizo (Trashy Styles Crew), otherwise known as Lyrical Flames. The 19 year old lady B-girl Schizo is not only aware, but fully practising the breaker culture, the hip hop element that 'break dancing' and rap culture have ripped apart.

Talent like this reminds us that there are still rooted hip hop souls all over the world, even when corruption is rife in a confused scene.

Lyrical Flamez / B-girl Schizo'Lets Go' has an almost Latino feel to it with the bouncing toms and second beat snare folds. Like The Beatnuts, like Erik B and Rakim, like DJ Bboy Timber, this track has breakin' breaking through every vein of it. The off beat scratches and cabassa sounding hi hats all make the perfect uprock, 6 step, air flare, whatever we want to do on the floor. Lyrically, the flames may be there in the form of some original punchlines and a funking emcee style that just licks some more sweetness over the beats; but we're still waiting on the heavier, deeper conscious metaphors and similes even the most bouncing breaker tracks have delivered us in the past.

'Lets Go' will make you want to get up and go. Once again reiterating the universitality of hip hop, this track will hit any breaker, any where in the right spot. Not only that, as a pure hip hop head, Lyrical Flamez stands us one of the less recognised females in a scene that appears to becoming overrun with girls who don't really know how to dance, and women who don't really know what hip hop is. Plus she's on a mission – project preserve the bgirl. Keeping hip hop real and respectful. You don't have to be a breaker to jump head first into this track straight off. But your feet will probably have a more appreciative reaction.

By: Nino

Lyrical Flamez / B-girl Schizo

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