Lyrics Born - Everywhere At Once 12

On his first studio album since 2003’s highly praised ‘Later That Day’ (called “easily one of the most creative hip hop albums of the year” by, Lyrics Born (aka Tom Shimura) once again raises the bar with ‘Everywhere At Once’.

Long known for his innovative beats, creative collaborations and crooner-esque vocal performances, Lyrics Born furthers his song-craft and incorporates elements such as pop, reggaeton and r‘n’b on his Anti- debut.

Loquacious and direct, Lyrics Born is the rare MC who can bridge the divide between the hip hop kingdom and the alternative rock world. His legendarily complex, distinctive and skillful flow, coupled with an electrifying live show, has caused the Bay Area underground virtuoso to become one of the highest regarded acts on the hip hop circuit today.

At the same time, his songs, such as 2004’s ‘Callin’ Out’ are embraced by alternative music fans, who voted the song into the #1 spot on alt-rock radio heavyweight Live105 for five weeks in a row.

Out 21st April.

Lyrics Born - Everywhere At Once 12

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