The Mak Of All Trades comes from Liverpool and is part of the powerful Shakti outfit. He is renowned as being multi talented as he is a rapper, producer, beatboxer and is able to play many instruments. Whilst he is working on his full length LP he has released this tasty four track EP on the Elemental label.
The EP starts off with Argyle Sox which makes use of the A-Team theme as part of the composition. Sounding thoroughly scouse the Mak delivers a light hearted rap using plenty of colloquialisms all about what you should do if you can’t afford the latest sportswear.

01. Argyle Sox
02. Nowadays
03. Soundin’ English?
04. On Your Toes
05. On Your Toes Instrumental
06. Plastic Rappers ft. Jambon

Deep brass heralds Nowadays in which the Mak bigs up his own skills as a trend setter and his ability to create fat tracks. He states that his work will stand the test of time rather than other artists that are simply out for fast hits. DJ Rasp also adds his cuts to all the tracks, here sweetly cutting up some Jeru over the outro.

DJ Rasp’s cuts open up Soundin’ English? as well. A more upbeat offering in which the Mak implores MCs to utilise their own accents. It shouldn’t still need saying, but just because it does it is refreshing to hear the Mak spit in his own dialect. All of the Mak’s lyrics are humerous and there are numerous lines in here which bring a grin to your face especially as he imitates those who he is disparaging. Despite the comedy element of the track there is a great deal of skill behind this especially when the musical genre is switched about.

More great breaks reminiscent of a 70’s cop show go to make up On Your Toes. The Mak manages to drop his verses really fast as he weighs up the underground versus the pop / commercial sound, finally coming down firmly on the side of the underground.

The CD version of the EP finishes off with two bonus tracks. The first is Plastic Rappers which features Jambon and also appears on his Serving Scouse EP, and the second is the instrumental of On Your Toes.

Overall this is a pretty decent offering, proving that the Mak is one truly talented individual with all the skills he brings to the table. Be on the look out for the Mak’s LP provisionally entitled The Musicianary.

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