Manny Moscow - The Three Piece Exkursion EP [Heavy Handed Recordings]

The Three Piece Exkursion’ is Manny Moscow’s return to the music industry and although I never knew he left or even existed, this is a welcome return.

Straight 48’ kicks things off with a no-nonsense policy; no glossy beat, no hook, just lyrics, and great lyrics at that. Manny plays word association over the haunting orchestral choral loop. ‘You Can’t Tempt Me’ featuring Shepherd follows a similar production mould but with a piano thrown in. Also added is a hook and guest verse.

Cross Over’ has the most memorable refrain (“Look left, Look right / Your crossin’ over the roads in sight”) but sees breathy, venomous raps matched to menacing strings.

Manny Moscow takes Hip Hop and life seriously and his prose gives something to listen to. His flow and lyrics are reminiscent of the East Coast greats; Moscow raps his influences in a London brogue. The three tracks don’t differ too much, possibly a problem on a full length, but here cohesion is necessary. For fans of M9, Triple Darkness and lyrical conscious rap in general, this is a must.

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