Marcel Cartier And Agent of Change ft. Nana D And Wordplay - Never Too Late mp3 [Beat Knowledge]

Never Too Late is the fourth song to be released from the forthcoming LP History Will Absolve Us from Marcel Cartier and Agent of Change. The track features Nana D and Wordplay, who is part of Logic‘s People’s Army collective. The song touches on many different issues, such as the pressure on people to live a ‘normal life’. This often means to graduate from university, get an average job, and then retire, as opposed to being able to actively pursue one’s dreams once the ‘real world’ hits.

It is also focuses in large part on domestic violence and the need for women to be liberated from patriarchal relationships. Wordplay’s verse is a personal tale of struggling to pay his bills while his girlfriend leaves his side. The music video portrays these and other struggles, such as a suicidal man who is unable to get work and a drug addicted young woman. Both the song and video leave people with a great feeling of optimism. The video was directed and edited by Nana D and Daniel Miller.

True to the song title, it is truly never too late to have a better life and to make your dreams a reality.

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