Mista P - The Unheard EP [Indie]

Mista P‘s debut release, The Unheard EP, sees the London-based artist introduce himself as a powerful, yet thoughtful and versatile lyricist. His first offering encompasses a range of styles; from the quick-fire double-time delivery on Cardboard Culture, to the flowing stream-of-consciousness 64-bar verse on Moments.

The Unheard EP was described by Solocypher (MC and author of hip hop blog Vocal Swords) as, “an intense project combining psychedelic spiritual reflections with a socio-political commentary sadly lacking in the apparent mainstream of popular and hip hop music”.

His flows often see him flit between different concepts and ideas, sometimes interlinked in sporadic fashion, which – for the listener accustomed to more unimaginative branches of hip hop – may seem overly complex. However, for those with a more sophisticated palette, the revelations apparent after numerous plays are worth the wait.

Mista P has performed at hip hop and spoken word events across London, and has gained much acclaim for his energetic and intense live performances at monthly open mic night, Fat Gold Chain. Co-host, Benny Diction (The Punning Clan), makes the only guest appearance on the EP, featuring on the final track, Counter Produce 1.

Sleepy Time Ghost certainly lives up to his name on this release; his haunting piano and organ melodies lingering in the shadows cast by his mixture of deep sub basslines and driving strings. The pair are currently working on Mista P’s first full-length offering, Counter Produce, which is due for release in late 2012, but P is also working on projects with a number of producers including Pogflipper and Pro P. The Unheard EP is available for free download on Bandcamp now.

The Unheard EP is produced, mixed and mastered by Sleepy Time Ghost at the House of Mirrors. The cuts are by Sight One and the release artwork is by Josh Jeavons.

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