Monkey Sons - Water Off A Monkey's Back 12" [Naked Ape]

Water Off A Monkey’s Back’ is the latest single from Brighton Hip Hop band Monkey Sons. It’s a rowdy stab at the establishment; the government comes under the knife most severely on the first verse.

Ska tinged rock with rapped vocals, chant-along-choruses and scratching is the summation of the package offered by this 7 piece live band. ‘Firechaser’ is a hyped up, Keith Flint-esque electro / rock / breaks monster. It’s an untameable creature (a rabid monkey maybe) that explores personal ills.

This single is available digitally now at the usual places (itunes, emusic, amazon and napster – where have you been?!) or on vinyl or CD at their myspace.

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Monkey Sons - Water Off A Monkey's Back 12" [Naked Ape]

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