Mr Drastick - Rep Dat CD [MDM Music]
Continuing his audio assault on the nation, since his last single he’s put out a further two mixtapes! (All Bless and Born A Prince, Die A King). Mr. Drastick returns with this, the second single to be taken from his eagerly anticipated album ‘Gladiators Anthem Vol. 2’. For anyone out there that still hasn’t warmed to the talents of this industrious mc, he’s included what some might describe as an incentive.

Never one to shy away from the spotlight, It would be fair to say that the proverbial lamp has shone or at least flickered upon this up and coming MC. With rumours of beef with certain, more established figures in the UK hip hop scene to allegations of full on brawls with some of our better know friends from across the water, stories continue to spread about Mr. Drastick.
Mr Drastick - Rep Dat CD [MDM Music]But instead of getting caught up in the game Mr. Drastick continues to remain focused on the task at hand, and that task includes delivering undeniable hip hop gems. Mr. Drastick has certainly upped the anti, with this new double a side single, showing a diversity often lacked by some of his peers.
The first track, ‘Hard To Say’ produced by Gus (LG) Hall, see’s Mr. Drastick reach out to some of his female listeners, something that many of his fellow wordsmiths often and sometimes to their detriment, fail to do. But don’t get too concerned, this is by no means a sign of Mr. Drastick’S new top ten direction, fans of the filthier end of the hip hop spectrum will be well and truly satisfied with the absolute fire served up by producer of ‘Give It Up’, produced by Chemo.
Both tracks set Mr. Drastick up nicely for his next full length foray ‘Gladiators Anthem Vol 2’ set to be released in the late summer on M.D.M. Recordings.

Release Date: 30th July 2007

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