Mr Drastick - Rep Dat CD [MDM Music]
20 year old London MC Mr Drastick aka the Trak Bully has been working the underground for a couple of years now. He has apparently sold 15,000 copies of his Gladatorial Passion Vol. 1 mix CD and has previously been awarded Mix Tape of the Week by 1Xtra. Big things are in store for this Ghanaian.

Now Mr Drastick is set to jump off with his debut single release on MDM Music. For this release he has teamed up with the Poisonous Poets’ Doc Brown and as the name suggests, it shows that Mr Drastick is serious about making an impact. There is unfortunately only one track on this release- Rep Dat, which comes in Clean, Album and Instrumental versions.

Mr Drastick - Rep Dat CD [MDM Music]The track is certainly a bouncer that gets you jumping. Several simple samples are sequenced up in a classic manner to form an exquisite backing for the MCs to mash it up with their flows. The skills delivered here are designed to show the strength of the UK and the repping referred to in the title refers to bigging up their homeland – the UK to the fullest.

No doubt you will be hearing a lot more of this gent if this and the tracks on his myspace are anything to go by. As Drastick says himself he is ‘destined to blow’. The single is taken from the forthcoming Gladiators Anthem Vol. 2, the sequel to his first full length offering.

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