Mr Melta - More Songs About Me

After dropping the singles ‘On My Shoulder‘ and ‘Apparently‘ at the end of 2021, Mr Melta an MC from Cambridgeshire, UK has now released his new EP – ‘More Songs About Me‘.

Over a diverse range of instrumentals by Slang Immaculate and D Logic, Melta goes from witty, playful bars on tracks such as ‘Apparently’ to the more reflective and honest lyrics of ‘Look Outside‘, covering a lot of ground over the EP’s five tracks.

With tracks ranging from rowdy bangers to reflective honesty there is bound to be something to suit all rap tastes.


Mr Melta

Track List:

  1. Bar Work 01:58
  2. Apparently 02:47
  3. Look Outside 02:12
  4. On My Shoulder 03:29
  5. So Serious 02:42

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