Mumzy Stranger - Heart Breaker 12" [Tiffin Beats]

Bobby Friction has stated that, ‘Mumzy delivers another Banger in the shape of ‘Heart Breaker‘. With an ever expanding skillset that now sees him playing keyboard and with one eye on the dance floor its obvious Mumzy Stranger‘s journey as a ‘Badman’ still has a long way to go’. International R’n’B superstar Mumzy Stranger has been taking the music industry by storm, and with his recent success at the AMA’s, winning Best Urban act, he has been back at work, finishing off his latest production; single, Heartbreaker.

The track, which is to be released via Tiffin Beats Records on April 8th as a FREE Download, is truly exceptional track, which is destined to take the scene by storm. With a 90’s like dance vibe, powerful production, and the usual sleekness of Mumzy’s vocal performance, Heartbreaker looks set to be a potent single.

The British Bangladeshi artist has recently been making a name for himself as a producer to be reckoned with; though beat making has always been in the works, it has only been as of recent that the scene has really sat up to take notice of the East-Londoners production potential. But, obviously, this by no means categorizes the talent; merging the arts of emceeing, dancing, and of course, singing and song writing, makes Mumzy one of the most promising acts to emerge from the industry.

Heartbreaker features production, writing and singing, as well as the odd MC-like adlib, all courtesy of Mumzy, making it an auditory display to not be missed! The track was recorded alongside Dipika Parmar, winner of a competition set up between Desi-Box and Tiffin Beats Records in 2010, where a fan was to join Mumzy in the studio with the opportunity to have input and see just how an artist works when in their element. Dipika described the experience as “incredible”, and expressed how amazing it was to see Mumzy do what he does.

Though the track has ‘club banger’ written all over it, it is a must to remember what Mumzy is all about; sophistication and class, both of which are dominant in Heartbreaker, while maintaining an up-beat and feel-good vibe. In terms of the completed article, the track is reminiscent of ‘that song’; with it fated to be set on repeat everywhere it is available, Heartbreaker can respectably be anticipated to be a classic.

Having provided a once in a lifetime opportunity for a certain competition winner, Mumzy expressed how he hopes the track is received well; ‘I’m really happy with the track. It was great to have a fan there, with me, when I was in the creative process. All that there is now, is to hope people enjoy it’.

The track will be released April 8th on as a FREE Download aswell as other outlets.

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