Mynature - Mr Is Rap MP3 [Unstoppable Music Group]

Woolwich MC Mynature is set to become your favourite rapper with his hugely infectious new single Mr. Is Rap, set for release June 26th 2013. Over this EFX produced track Mynature proclaims the he is rap personified. A massive statement if he couldn’t back it up with his now trademark wordplay, lyricism and flows.

On the track Mynature poses the question as to why so many wack rappers are getting airplay when all they talk about is money and clothes or they rap abut a lifestyle that isn’t true to themselves. He can see the demise of Hip Hop and its culture and proclaims himself to be its saviour, in effect saving hip-hop from itself as his superheroesque alter ego Mr. Is Rap.

Produced by Unstoppable Music Group‘s producer EFX the track has an old school feel to it with a new school twist. The infectious synths get stuck in your head whilst the bouncing drumbeat cuts through the track forcing a subconscious head nod. This is topped off with a bass line that rips through the speakers and is guaranteed to get any party jumping whilst the scratching from DMC finalist Mista Daz is a nod to hip hop culture.

Mynature Mr Is Rap will be released by Unstoppable Music Group on the 23rd June 2013.

Watch the video to Mr Is Rap here:

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