Mystic Man And Eshaman Jaro - Minds I CD [Fat! Records]

Mystic Man and Eshamanjaro have their Heavy Weather LP set to drop this spring / summer and this release is the teaser / taster for the project. Mystic Man is Merka who is recognised on the breaks scene and MC Esha is the MC who adds the forward thinking lyrics over the beats.

This release Minds I comes after their debut Cheshire Cat and is a gentle folky offering which has a 60’s feel. Sung ‘la la las’ form some of the production which also has flutes and tinklings bells for soft edge to the track. Some of Eshamanjaro’s lyrics are surprisingly dark and the track has an overall melancholic feel.

The release also features a remix by Gella as did Cheshire Cat. This remix opens with a big gong and an arrangement that makes you think that your CD player is crashing. This makes for a very stuttery composition which whilst it is original, I don’t think I can really hang with this. Regardless, the stripped back remix still retains much of the feel of the original.

Finally Merka adds his own Retrodub remix which tries to transform the track up tempo and add a bit of a drum and bass beat. For me this doesn’t really work because although the beat is rocking the strings are too downbeat and the way the lyrics are sampled looses much of the appeal of the original verses and of course looses much of the meaning as well.

For me, I like the original. The other versions show plenty of ideas, but don’t really justify their inclusion as there are probably heavier and more complete tracks available in their genres.

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