The buzz around N-Dubz is really beginning to bite. Here Tulisa, Dappy and Faze deliver a storming mix of commercial r’n’b and Hip Hop. This latest single Feva Las Vegas is set to catapult them further on the way to stardom as it looks like it could be huge. The single is already on constant rotation of music TV channels and just stays in your mind.

The song sees the trio tackle the thorny topic of dealing with people who chase them for their fame and want to take a piece of them. Dappy breaks down how they are doing things their own way and are still proudly independent. The intention for the group is to keep building as they don’t intend to be one hit wonders.

This sounds decent as the soulful vocals of Tulisa are easily blended with the nasal singing and raps for something that should have mass appeal. Be sure to look out for the swish looking video.

They have now had over 150,000 hits on their Myspace which demonstrates a healthy fanbase upon which to build. N-Dubz are currently working on their album which is set to drop later in the year.

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