Namusoke brings a diverse background to the table. She is Tanzanian now based in Zurich, and she has signed to Talvin Singh’s Chilli Media label. Here we have a five track sampler from her forthcoming self titled album, which will also be made available on vinyl.

Previously Namusoke has released two singles, Murder Time and Survive on the German Buback label in 2003 and 2004, but this is her first foray into the UK. There is a couple of surprising guest appearances on this which also make for the best tracks.

The EP opens up with Good Body Girls, which has a definite Ragga feel, but is a bit too slow to be a proper dancefloor filler. The track is graced by the vocals of Rodney P who lights up the track with his descriptions of the types of girls he likes and the girls that can be seen in a dancehall.

Fire & Burn is anthemic with big strings and an overworking of the old effects box. Million Dan features on the track and delivers his verse in his distinctive nasal tones.

Overall I feel that Namusoke’s lyrics are a bit light-weight for me. Partly delivered in a semi-sung, semi-rapped, half spoken word, half soul singing style I don’t feel I am connecting with what she has to say. Additionally I don’t feel a depth to the stories and this failing is not backed up with an in-your-face delivery.

The LP is produced by The Sea who has produced for Rodney P and Dynamite MC. Here he delivers some big beats. The sounds are well chosen and blend Hip Hop with Reggae and add an African touch, but can be a bit static, so I can’t give it full marks as the quantize seems a bit too on beat and some swing is lacking.

So, there are many good points about this release, but all told, it is not overly my cup of tea. No-doubt this will appeal to a wide selection of people due to its accessible sound

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