Narstie ft. Solo - Brushman 12

After tearing up many a radio station and getting props from Grime pundits such as DJ Cameo (BBC 1Xtra), Logan Sama (Kiss FM) Jez Welham (Kiss FM), Ras Kwame (BBC Radio One) and Akira the Don to mention a few Dice Recordings are putting out the bass gripping, get you laughing out loud MC battle track with a difference Brushman.

Narstie has more than cut his teeth in the industry with previous releases such as the big Who Am I produced by Grime producer of the moment P Jam with features from Solo and Demon, Let Me Tell You About featuring L Man, the genre-redefining Spun A Web and its remix featuring Shystie, L Man, Solo and Demon and Diamonds, Mines produced by Akira the Don with features from Solo and Bashy.

Dice Recordings as a label is also helping to redefine the scene with its participation in the Channel 4 broadcast series/movie Dubplate Drama and its Dubplate Drama Mixtape Volume 1 amongst its credits.

Scheduled for a 25 September 2006 release the single has Narstie and Solo doing battle with an extreme sense of humour whilst shedding the inhibitions and bravado shown by many a Grime artist on the scene currently.

NarstieWhere else can you find a label that can have two of its main artists ripping each other on many a personal level. No topic is considered too sacred as the boys have a pop at each other’s looks, manhood, girlfriends, Air Force One trainers and so on!

Verdict on the winner? Both Narstie and Solo share the victory on this one as they show that there is still a sense of camaraderie in the game and that Grime hasn’t lost its sense of humour.

Verdict on the track? Well this is more downtempo than I am used to from the Grime boys, but the production is darkish and allows the MCs to get dirtier in their disses. There is a fair amount of cussing each others’ girls looks as well as a few yer mamas thrown in as well. The track is nice enough, but coming from a Hip Hop perspective it feels a bit as though the MCs don’t really get into their flows and deliver the damage they could. Just when you think it is about to pop off Narstie and Solo return to their jokey style. This is not too much of a negative point, just more that the track isn’t quite what I would expect.

With a video par excellence to match the track Brushman is set to redefine the Grime scene by portraying yet another aspect of this entirely UK sound.

Taken from the as yet untitled debut album from Narstie, Brushman is definitely set to get the dance floor moving whether it’s as a result of feet moving strenuously to the beat or to club goers reeling on the floor unable to hold their laughter.

As one of the most enterprising business outfits on the scene (just check out Dubplate Drama or their impending movie London State of Mind Dice Recordings definitely have a game plan.


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