N.Dubz are coming out of Camden and are apparently five releases deep on the LRC records label. The trio combine Hip Hop, soulful vocals and youthful energy and wit that by all reports has seen them compared to the BEP and has apparently got some major labels interested.

The crew is a trio and comprises Dappy, Dino Contostavlos a rapper and producer, Tulisa, Tula Contostavlos a singer and songwriter and Faze, Richard Rawson. Their previous single Life Is Getting Sicker By The Day got a bit of love, but now they are focussing on their new single You Better Not Waste My Time which dropped at the beginning of June.

The track is mid paced with lightly placed keys and horns with a thumping bass and heavy beat. A slightly generic backing which doesn’t necessarily do anything overtly special, it is a bit lightweight, but fine for R n B. The MCing of Dappy opens the track with some venomous rhymes which are raped with determination and a slightly strained voice before the female singer replies with her own verse. The track is finished off with Faze whose lyrics’ topic matter is a general theme of growing up, rebelling against teachers who said the musicians would never amount to much and going for better things in life.

Also on the four track CD is the Radio Version, the Uncut version, the extended version and finally the instrumental.

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