ObsElites - Surplus To Requirements EP [Northentic Records]

North West, Northentic Records natives, Karlow and Lomax are far from surplus to any requirements when it comes to Hip-hop. However, brand new 3 track EP “Surplus to Requirements” is out now on Bandcamp!

Kicking straight off the bat with the incredible “Summer Rain“, appropriate after the recent UK heatwaves and unpredictable weather! The duo go back to back with tongue twisting flows and not only meaningful, but spot on crafted wordplay and multisyllabic rhyme schemes which is a breath of fresh air from the fans that have been oscillating in every UK household the past couple of weeks!

Producer / Rapper ‘Karlow’ from Burnley has been making waves in both fields recently, having dropped his 2021 album “Jesus in a Jason Mask” which proved he was a master of his craft and could run rings around most in a cypher, whilst staying true to his beliefs and writing meaningful tracks about Christianity and explaining his religion and his background of how he found himself.

Wigan resident Lomax should be spoken about way more than he does! Everything I’ve ever heard from Lomi has been absolutely gold. His captivating flows which perfectly mesh hard hitting punchlines with complexity and conviction is something we need way more of in the scene.

Three tracks wasn’t enough, nope, not at all. I need more! If this is the last we hear of the Karlow / Lomax saga, it would be a travesty. We need at least a 10 track album from the duo. It just worked perfectly, the two different styles were mouth watering for any fan of UK Hip Hop.

‘Surplus to Requirements’ Out now on Northentic Records, exclusive to Bandcamp!

Words by: Bill Shakesbeard



Northentic Records

ObsElites - Surplus To Requirements EP [Northentic Records]

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