Pharcyde - Passin Me By Hot Chip Remix CD [Delicious Vinyl]

On Delicious Vinyl’s Rmxxology, indie dance-darlings Hot Chip remix “Passin’ Me By”, the much-loved tale of unrequited longing. The original track is classic 90’s hip-hop from The Pharcyde, from their legendary album Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde.

Hot Chip takes the timeless track and reenvisions it as a sparkly dreamlike trip that’s heavy on the reverb, organ, and choral synths. The result is a track that evokes Gregorian chant as much as golden era hip-hop.

The Hot Chip guys give this a more atmospheric feel with what seems like a slowed down beat and some lingering chords and organ work. The chorus is re-done with a much more plaintiff call and whilst this will appeal to a different demographic to the original it maintains the appeal and the Pharcyde's lyrics of fanticising over a teacher still ring true.

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