Phesto Dee - Every Detail mp3 [Hieroglyphics Imperium]

Phesto Dee is a prominent member of one of the longest-running and just plain dope Hip-Hop groups. Rarely do groups stay together and create such an impact on Hip-Hop as Souls Of Mischief have done and, continue to do.

The Lyricism never fails to impress, the delivery is quick, and rhymes are still delivered with a passion that’s visible.

The track itself is a bit less spectacular. The lyricism is amazing but, the tune doesn’t seem to work it’s a mash-up of rock and Hip-Hop and the only time these two genres have really made a mark and worked (for me anyway) is when Run DMC worked with Aerosmith for Walk this Way.

Now Phesto rhymes superbly I can’t fault him at all on that front but in terms of making the track work and maybe experimenting to see if these two genres – rock and hip-hop would work well together just doesn’t work for me.

I applaud what’s been done and it’s true that Hip-Hop is one of the genres that you can experiment with and produce something completely different. I have to admit that the track still retains that classic sound though.

Head over to youtube, check it out and see what you think. Don’t forget to check out the Interview I did with them at and of course on here!

By: Nikhil Sharma |

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