Plies - Pants Hang Low mp3 [Atlantic]

Whenever I hear a track by Plies I instantly know that it’s going to be DOPE! The beat is crazy and the piano hook that comes 1:50 into the track is a nice touch. The melody is good the track is just crazy, but that’s expected from the man that bought you tracks like “Friday“, “Murkin’ Season” and “Money Straight” from his debut album, “The Real Testament” which is an amazing album (If you haven’t heard it , you need to!).

The track shows how the rapper’s lyrical ability has grown since the album’s release in 2006. He’s more versatile but he keeps that Southern swag.

The track as a whole is a definite club-banger so look out for it. The track in general is just so good I’ve heard good tracks, but this is crazy! The track is good and Plies keeps on impressing me with his ability, if this is what he sound’s like at this moment in time, Im looking forward to hearing what he sound’s like in a few year’s time.

The South keeps on producing great rappers and I do love the rappers from the South, but if they keep coming-up with rappers this good, then they’re going to take over the game!

By:  Nikhil Sharma


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